When To Hire An Intellectual Property Attorney

The biggest thing that big brands with one-of-a-kind products and services have in common is the inventors. They all hired an intellectual property attorney, to help keep the product or service for themselves without interference from the marketplace. Many inventors like to believe in the good of people and think that people would not steal the idea that they have put days, months, or even years of work into. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people will steal any idea they can to make it big. This is why intellectual property lawyers have jobs. Another mistake that inventors make is thinking that they do not need a lawyer to file the necessary paperwork to protect their ideas. While recent advances have made it easier to get a patent, an intellectual property lawyer knows the ins and outs of the process. He or she will be better able to secure your intellectual property rights. If you want to protect the days, months, or years of work that you have put into your invention, then you will need the assistance of a good attorney.

How to find a good intellectual property or patent attorney:

Finding a good lawyer is not always an easy process. Of course, you can find ten lawyers easily, but you want to work with someone who you trust and who you get along with both professionally and personally. The first place to start on your search for the best patent attorney is to ask colleagues and friends. As an inventor or a light bulbsbusiness owner, it is likely that you have some connections with people of the same caliber. Recommendations from these people are likely to be more honest and sincere than a five-star review of an attorney on Yelp.

If none of your colleagues have a patent lawyer that they like, then you will have to try something else. The next best thing to do is thorough research online to determine which lawyers are the best. First, you need to do a search on Google or Bing for the “top intellectual property owners in (your state).” Take a look at some of the lawyers’ websites as well as the information provided on the site. Use this to develop a list of potential lawyers. Next, look at the reviews of some of those attorneys on review sites like Yelp and Google for business. Do not necessarily take the reviews at face value because reviewideas are not typically an accurate representation of how every single client has felt about the lawyer, but read some of the good and bad things that people have to say about the lawyers on your list.


The last step is to make an appointment with some of the lawyers to discuss your product or idea and determine the best steps for obtaining the rights to it. Once you speak with a few different lawyers, you can make your final decision. This is not a difficult process, so do not delay. Contact an IP attorney today.